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Privacy Notice

The approach of the protection of individual information of CROSS ONE Ltd. (Hereafter,it is said, "Our company") is described as follows.
It is considered that it agrees to this "Protection of individual information policy" when our service is used for the customer, and read well, please.
1. When customer's individual information is handled, Toutomamo does applicable laws and regulations and various in-house regulations, etc. concerning protection of individual information in our company of Toutomamo of the law etc.
2. Our company might acquire following individual information about the acquisition of individual information for the purpose of use shown in the next paragraph. Individual information is acquired by legal and a fair means, and it doesn't obtain it by an illegal method in contradiction to person in question's intention.

1. Information registered by customer oneself

All information offered our company by customer like name, ZIP code, address, telephone number, mail address, ID, password, nickname, and sex, photograph, image, and credit card information, etc.

2. Information acquired along with use of service

Information on information and e-mail magazine subscriptions of acquisition of point and use state, etc. in information and point program concerning transaction history like application etc. for reservation, purchase history, and campaign of service or commodity that our company provides

3. Information automatically acquired by access to this site

All information automatically collected by this site's like access history etc. that login information to this site of Internet Protocol address used when customer accesses the Internet and portable terminal like airframe identification information etc. and a browser acquired by using technology such as cookie kind, version operating system information, etc. and additionally being used

The above-mentioned is an illustration, and it is likely not to correspond to individual information by a concrete content of information. Moreover, when individual information is used to make statistical material that doesn't contain information that totals individual information at each collection etc. and identifies the individual, and to disclose statistical material to the third party of our management to refer, individual information might be used. 3. I will use individual information, and use individual information that offers management from the customer chiefly for the following purposes. Moreover, when individual information is acquired for a purpose different from the purpose of use that hangs to the following, I specify the purpose of use. It doesn't use it except the purpose of use specified beforehand without getting agreement prior of the customer, except when there is establishing the law. Our company strictly manages individual information offered from the customer, and lectures on appropriate preventive measures to the loss, destruction, the leakage, and the falsification, etc.

  • 1. To improve the content of contents and the advertisement to the customer's demand additionally
  • 2. Information and the commodity and the service that seems to be useful for the customer it are provided, and displayed.
  • 3. Will guide the new item and information on various services etc. from our company
  • 4. For marketing activities concerning the commodity and the service of our company and our business partner (questionnaire survey etc.)
  • 5. To know customer's interest and to develop a new commodity and service
  • 6. For the business related to the offer and sending out when it applies and it uses it for our service campaign present etc.
  • 7. For management and the management of the online point program
  • 8. 9 for the answer means that seems to be useful for the inquiry of the customer it . For the statistical information submitting by the shape that the individual concerning an advertising publishing to the advertiser cannot specify

4. Our company will disclose individual information to the third party, and do neither disclosing nor the offer of individual information to the third party in the following cases excluding about the offer.

After it specifies so, individual information that relates to the matter might be disclosed to a third party concerned in the customer when our company and the third party offer/jointly sell information/commodity/service on our site. - When a part of the business is consigned to the business consignment trader, the business consignment trader receives individual information necessary to accomplish the commissioned business, and uses this occasionally. Even if it is time when it consigns the handling of individual information to the third party, our company assumes the one to take appropriate measures so that customer's individual information is properly protected consigning concerned ahead. - Individual information might be disclosed to the cooperation enterprise and the tie-up enterprise, etc. that conclude the contract clause that observes the preservation of confidentiality concerning individual information between the advertiser and our company that sponsors the campaign only when specific of the customer of the application for the campaign etc. is necessary. - The site and the property in the business management sell off or are purchased, and the service management company amalgamates or might be split, and information on the member is usually considered to be a transferred business property in the contract in that case. Please approve this beforehand of the transfer of individual information for this case. - When disclosing information reasonably judges our or customer's right, property, and safety to be protected in accordance with the law according to the member rule and other regulations, our company discloses individual information to the third party. Moreover, when it is necessary for the implementation of the authority of the exercise or the obligation based on the law of the third party who becomes protection or the enterprise of the public interest or the object of disclosing individual information, individual information might be disclosed to the third party.

After the person in question's agreement is gotten beforehand, it does within the range of the collection purpose when individual information is offered to the third party, except when the case is the above-mentioned.

5. Indication, the correction, and our company of the deletion try to manage individual information accurately and up to date.

Moreover, when disclosing individual information that our company has from the customer is requested, it promptly indicates it based on a prescribed procedure. As a result, if there is wrong by any chance information, promptly it corrects or I will delete it. Please inquire even the following by mailing after describing the following content, and enclosing the one (copies such as the license certificate or passports) to prove the customer is a person in question. It is assumed the one to offer after the content of the offer is confirmed and to respond to the content properly. - Inquired content(Confirmation, correction, and deletion, etc.Please describe the content of the correction at the correction. )- Medium and customer's like an article etc. where to make contact at offered time(address and name)

6. Our company of the safety management lectures on a necessary, appropriate measures for the prevention of the leaking of private information and perishing or missing coming of the handling and other safety controls.

7. The link to the outside might be included in the web site in the Internet that our company of attention manages.

Please note that our company cannot assume the responsibility about the handling of customer's individual information in such an outside web site.

About the inquiry and the complaint of other individual information of our company

Please inquire here

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